"We're an Ivy League alumni speakers bureau that gives 25% of our speaking fees to deserving students seeking an Ivy League education." John M. Kocol, IvyLeagueSpeakers.com Founder  


Elena O. Ayot, Esq., President & CEO of IvyLeagueSpeakers.com, Penn ’02 – Elena Ayot is the Co-founder and Principal of The SanEle Group, where her practice focuses on Intellectual Property law.  Ms. Ayot provides a full range of legal services and professional consulting to start-up companies  .  In this role, she brings considerable intellectual property experience to her clients involved in the delicate phases of development, having served as an attorney in other intellectual property firms.  Ms. Ayot works with associates of the SanEle Group to provide a full range of services to clients, including grant writing and research, and marketing and legal strategies.  Ms. Ayot’s presentations center on a range of topics, including, intellectual property protection, branding and licensing, and establishing your unique identity.

Carol Barash (Yale '80, Princeton PhD *89)--Hi John, your new company sounds like a good idea! I'm the Chief Strategy Officer of Narativ, Inc. a global story telling company and would be happy to talk about the role storytelling plays in sales, corporate community building, collaboration, and leadership. Good luck! 

Mary Angela Bock--Hi there...I'm a recent Penn PhD, a speech professor and accomplished presenter...let me know how I might be able to contribute! 

Paula C. Brancato, MBA Harvard--brings 20 plus years of financial expertise to her work with a select individual and institutional clientele.  Prior to joining the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network,  Paula served as Regional Vice President of Alpha Omega Capital Partners, middle market investment bankers. She was also a product development expert at Morgan Stanley & Company, a senior consultant at McKinsey and Company, and a strategic and risk management consultant with Deloitte & Touche, LLC.
Paula earned her Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, where she was a Godfrey Cabot Fellow.  A native New Yorker and graduate of Hunter College of CUNY,  Paula has also taught at the University of Southern California and Stony Brook Southampton College.

Alex S. Brown
, PMP IPMA-C--I am a professional speaker and Princeton class of '92, and am interested in being represented by your bureau. I am also a National Speakers Association member and would be happy to publicize your new bureau to its members. 

Poorvi Chothani--I would like to join the group - my speaking engagements would be on the different aspects of doing business with or in India. Topics like HR issues in Indian businesses, cultural differences in India, Legal issues of establishing a business in India, Intellectual Property protection in India, Indian legal services, legal process outsourcing, are some of the topics that I can readily address.

Antji Clasen--MA Cambridge University (Psychology, Politics and Social Anthropology), Graduate Fellowship, Graduate School of Arts and Science, Harvard University, Practice of Native American Medicine in orthopedics, ophthalmology and internal medicine. I have given public talks about Native American Concepts of Nature and Medicine at: Cambridge Union Society, (The University's Debating Club), Harvard Alumni Club Munich, America House Munich, Heidelberg University, Munich Museum of Palaeontology, Environmental Organizations, Large Radio Stations in Germany.

Diane DiResta--If you're booking speakers I'd be interested in being booked to speak. I speak on the subject of presentation, communication, and media training. Let me know more about your speakers bureau.

Dick Durrance, Dartmouth '65 - John, I think you have a great idea and would like to support your scholarship concept. In a presentation titled "Sparking Ideas: Eight Keys to Sparking Ideas"I help people open the door to their next opportunities. With pictures and stories from National Geographic, assignments, global advertising campaigns, and the world's great golf courses, I show audiences how to think like an entrepreneur, creating ideas that transform dreams into novel products, fresh marketing plans, and new options. Thank you for a great idea! 

Professor Sara Grillo, CFA, 12 years of industry experience include work at Lehman Brothers and JPMorgan, and internships at Fidelity Investments and Merrill Lynch. Professor Grillo earned a B.A. from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from NYU Stern School of Business, and is a CFA charterholder.  She is a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts' Alternative Investment Committee.  She is an avid author and speaker on the subject of alternative investments. Professor Grillo is an adjunct lecturer of finance. She speaks Spanish and mentors younger women and minorities.

Daniel Guest--Speaks as an experienced and cutting-edge broker providing innovative insurance solutions to clients.

Robert Herbst--John: I would like to learn more about joining your stable of speakers. I have spoken on a variety of subjects, both in my capacity as an attorney and businessman and on motivational/wellness/fitness topics as a World Champion powerlifter.

Adonis Hoffman, Esq., Princeton '76--John, You are quite an entrepreneur. Congratulations. I would be interested in joining Ivy League Speakers and also linking in with you. Perhaps we can even talk offline about a joint venture. 

Rich Klein--John, I would be interested in joining your venture. Would be able to speak on a number of topics surrounding employee benefits including worksite wellness and qualified retirement plans. 

John Michael Kocol, ALM Harvard, Thesis: "Federal Reserve Expansion in Mexico," with Dr. John Womack Jr. as Thesis Director, Harvard Veterans Alumni Organization (HVAO) member, is the Founder of IvyLeagueSpeakers.com. John's the inventor of Portable Kocol Coal to Oil & CO2 to Methanol Plants (TM), and the Founder and President of KOCOL LLC which is a HUBZone Certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that specializes in Federal Reserve Expansion in Mexico consulting, property leasing, and woda zrodlana, Zwater.com, sales to commercial clients, and to federal, state and local agencies. He is also a licensed CT, MA & NY Real Estate Agent for Northeast Referral Group LLC.  

Susan Tambi Matambo--Consultant GEF at The World Bank.

Betsy Munnell--John: I'm in. I was a partner and rainmaker in a large law firm for 24 years and now have my own business offering business development and best practices coaching and training programs to young lawyers and law students. I speak on a range of topics, including networking, self-promotion and other law firm best practices, business generation and client maintenance.

Bennett Pologe, Ph.D. - NY State licensed clinical psychologist--   John: Sign me up. Giving talks is a great contrast with what I normally do which is listen, so include me in.

Carol Porter--Thanks, John. I speak about hearing conservation and hearing protection for musicians -- how to protect your hearing especially if you are a performing musician or if you attend concerts and other musical events. I also wanted to add that I am available to speak about music making and wellness and the movement that has taken place in the 21st century to encourage adults and explain the overall benefits.

Bill Quain--Speakers need a book! I wrote 17 books, and sold 2 million+ copies. It really launched my speaking business. Today, writing a book is easier than ever, and readers are LOOKING for new material.

Andrew Rosenbaum--I'm Class of '78 (Harvard). I'm an expert on international economics and capital markets. I'd love to be listed with the bureau. I'm based in Bordeaux, France.

Deborah Peterson Small, Harvard JD/MPP--I am the Executive Director of a nonprofit drug policy reform advocacy organization. I speak regularly to policymakers, community leaders and other stakeholders about the disproportionate impact of our nation's punitive drug policies on poor communities of color and other vulnerable communities. We seek to generate reform in the criminal justice system reflecting values of racial justice, public safety, public health and human rights. I would love to be included among the speakers working with your organization.  

Hildete de Moraes Vodopives--founder of Brazil Global and the Harvard Strategists Bureau. She serves on the board of the Brazilian Investment Analysts Association (APIMEC-Rio) and advises companies doing business in Brazil. She holds a PHD from Sorbonne University, and she speaks about internationalization and Brazilian economic and business issues.

Karen Weaver, Penn EdD '09--Hi John, I'm interested. I speak regularly to high school student athletes and their parents about the college athletic recruiting process.